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Why the Thailand Protests help show why Democracy isn’t working

I have been following this for sometime, as I have relatives in Thailand. This is a country that has suffered from military coups, mass protests, to take down the government, and corruption on all levels. All this proves is why democracy  (anything less than the seemingly impossible ideal version) does not work. This is not just a Thai issue as a whole. As an American citizen, I watched as people tried to push back with OWS and in the American fashion watched as it all soon faded away. Though what Thailand shows is that people have finally had enough, they are not sure what to do about it. They just realize that something is seriously wrong. Democracy as it is, really is a government institution to be run by those with the most money, education, and opportunity. Sure you can be one of the token few that drive yourself from the from the bottom to the top, but space is limited and that is still a limited control. What the Yellow Shirts in Thailand are asking for a ”People’s Council” a group of representatives from all walks of life (Education, Money, social standing, ect…) to  elect a new government. This maybe not the greatest answer but, the people there are not happy with Democracy as a whole. Now don’t get me wrong, I am fucking Red, White, Blue to the core. There are supporters from the people on both sides of the conflict and I for one think most politicians are corrupt. Though somewhere deep down inside there is point where you have to choose what is most important to you money, ego, power, or being a human. Simply put if your system doesn’t work and people don’t have every answer to fix things. This does not mean that you can always leave it in place and hope something better comes later. The people are still suffering and  you can’t always fix a broken system. Sometimes you need to just tear it down and build from scratch. Democracy as a whole is a broken system all over the place, if its not ideal, then it does not work.

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Worlds We Built

Sister, the paranoia has taken you away from me
Led you down a life locked in a world of fear
Born beyond the split of your fragile mind
I search amoung corpses of your bloody wake

Only to be a god amoung men doling out faith
Like a pusher offering a taste of heaven
And the ink runs deeper than the flesh
Tearing at the psyche of the lesser beings

They try to tear apart what we’ve built
Cause the angels feed the demons
And the demons feed the gods
And the gods feed the greed of man

Solidified, by the dirty little secrets of our youth
Our pact became the driving force to destroy theory
That empathy is somehow not a disease that we suffer
Everyday the root is so much worse than your cause

Can you stand before and testify to the crimes
Of our generations lack of duty to themselves
And can you believe in the truth even if it kills
Our bond is a pain that’s thicker than any blood

They try to tear apart what we’ve built
Cause the angels feed the demons
And the demons feed the gods
And the gods feed the greed of man

Remember the years of lost dreams with perfect direction
Just who we were and what we thought that we needed to be
The broken shells of our past and intoxicated nightmare
With no forgiveness, only our hatred to light the darkness

Retribution is a swiftness to take on our lives
This is the price we pay as treason against ourselves
Cause these worlds were meant only to collide
Perfect only only in what we can destroy together

They try to tear apart what we’ve built
Cause the angels feed the demons
And the demons feed the gods
And the gods feed the greed of man

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For My Son

Been up for days and he’s losing his mind
Being beaten down by the daily grind
Works just to live and he doesn’t know why
Living his life just waiting to die
Grew up and got a job just as he was told
Never quite the saint but always quite bold
Now he’s a father, and never questions his life
Just hopes for the best and believes he’s right
Where’s a uniform and he is proud of his son
So no matter what happens he knows he’s won

Now he’ll walk his path as he bares his cross
His lifes mistakes, the sins his only loss
Finds himself in a time he doesn’t belong
This working warrior knows he can never be wrong

He’ll see the callouses on his tired hands
To remind him of his fight, that which he stands
No it’s not for country or patriotic ferver
But a love for family and something greater
Rooted in the lines of this workers blood
A deep seeded fustration that’s ready to flood
Cause everyday now he hides that which he resents
The sorrow of his time inside the bowels of descent
Cause it’s the image of might projected with hate
That allows his meager survival and lonely state


Now looking back, on the road that he’s traveled
Tired are the eyes through a life that’s unraveled
And with another breath he’ll stand back and ponder
Battles of his mind, and the time he squandered
Cause precious is the Ash, of a burned out legacy
A foolish fucking dream of a bit of normality
For a father now lives in the memories of his fear
Already accepted death so another for the tear
Cause the line will remember the anger and the rage
The question will stand above those of the final stage


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I’ve learned to run towards anything and everything in life
Now most things will fall short because you can’t win all the time
But I will keep running towards what I want because you can’t truly lose
Until you’re dead

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Of Gods and Laws

the funny thing about laws is that they hold no real weight beyond fear. I mean all laws of society and man. We tend to look at the laws of nature as though they are a force to be manipulated without consequence and we have things such as global warming, destruction of the Monarch Butterfly, immeasurable damage done to our water from things such as oil spills, and the list goes on.Though the laws of society and man, we fear them more. These are the rules andlaws put into place to restrain ourselves from each other, but have createdprisons of the mind and body. Like God, and Gods they have no real power acceptfor the belief in them. In this we have doomed ourselves. We have allowed ourselvesto be manipulated and victimized. In the victimization all we have learned is to pass this to the next generation and make it so much worse each time. Somepeople whole-heartedly stand against war, but would rather vote and choose to try and fix it by the broken means we have put into place. Hamsters on thewheel tiring ourselves out trying to reach the other side of hope. We say thatit is a horrible thing that people need to starve, and struggle.  Yet we secretly gawk as we drive by our shame trying to not see what our choices have made. We drive by and then perhaps dropsome coin in the bucket when the bells ring at the supermarket during winterholidays. We blame others across the world for taking our jobs, when theythemselves are hungry too. Yet we still praise great cult leaders such as Jobsfor their innovations in the next trinket. I am not so naïve to think that I ambeyond being this kind of hypocrite, but remember laws have no power unless webelieve. Nothing will change unless we stop believing in the fear that we help perpetuate.

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radically vegan: Why isn't smoking vegan?


First off I wanna start this by saying trigger warning for animal abuse.
And Kale, if you’re reading this, there is a bit on cat abuse. It’s small but it’s there, so if you do want to read it, prepare yourself.
I bought a zine awhile back that backed up a lot of how I felt about smoking.

That was a lot of information that I didn’t know. I am not Vedan, nor am an animal rights activist. This shit is just fucked though

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Really, RichB?  I’m “beauitufl”, like a fucking lotus flower?  And clearly, the only Asian country that exists is Japan, which is why I speak Japanese and am oh so impressed that you started your message with “Konichiwa!”… BARF!!!

This is some funny shit. Still sad and creepy.


Really, RichB?  I’m “beauitufl”, like a fucking lotus flower?  And clearly, the only Asian country that exists is Japan, which is why I speak Japanese and am oh so impressed that you started your message with “Konichiwa!”… BARF!!!

This is some funny shit. Still sad and creepy.

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On being Punk

These windmills blow to knock you back
Arms swing as the legs kick and move
Circlular damage to reach for floor and sky
Pogo motherfucker, let our kin know your there
We ain’t nothing but a generation formed of rags
Seperated from the box only smash it anyway
With our backs to the walls, we the animals
Vicious in our nature bite the hands that feed
Cause we question the intent of our masters
We are free on that floor as we move like savages
Chanting as though we are constantly at war
Endless in our struggle to drown in acceptance
Fashions and trends can be marketed out of existence
But these tunes which march in our hearts
Driving our heads to never stop questioning
Well , these tunes, our ways, our breed…

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Thought of the moment

As former and slightly less ignorant person than I used to be. I am asking you to  check out this quote that I saw written by Terry Park one the Angry Asian Man Blog “People who say: “Let’s bomb______.”” Now in that moment that you were reading that and probably filling in the blanks with many asshole comments. Think about all the times that may have crossed your mind or your lips over the years in anger/ignorance, or perhaps you heard someone else say it in a conversation with you. Then you did nothing or said nothing to stop or correct it. Bow your head in shame, then move forward.

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15 minutes

15 Minutes of fame or 5 minutes of revolution
Which paper tiger will you ride into the night
Anger flares in indignation for television atrocities
If it’s not twittered the truth is not quite out there
Like fashions that creep with slithering paychecks
Upon the backs of corporate made celeberties

Cause your ability to copy and whine
Sets your bourgeoisie ass apart
Becoming the ultimate distraction
As devils dance upon humanities tears
Cause in 5 minutes your so called revolution
Will just be another notch on your resume
Another reason to look away from dirty hands
Can’t save the world, bitter and whithered

But for 15 minutes we are offered a voice
Don’t let it be drowned out like a deer in the headlights
Cause those 15 minutes can change the world
Fuck the lights because from ashes rise
Spread like a virus upon their system
Tell them all we are free men, women, and children
Pass on that which causes us so much pain

Don’t just rise above the rest
Take all the motherfuckers with you
For the love of being alive
For the love of the battle
Peace, War, and Chaos

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Innocent until proven foreign

Is it innocence or ignorance?

Simplicity in the daily line of questions

“What country are you from?”

As if the uncomfortable grin on my face

Did not truly hide the disgust

“No I meant what country were you born?”

This just slides off ones tongue in reminder

That you are a foreigner in familiar land

“I didn’t mean to offend”

Haven’t you learned from generations of fear

Forgiveness, assimilation, and worthlessness

“Papers please”, “Do you salute the flag?”

As you stand against the proverbial wall

Line up to be counted and sent back

Hold on tight to your documents

Because the only thing the fascists and the commies

Ever really agreed on is the question of legitimacy

“Where were you born?”

Well my name isn’t Rudy and I know nothing of East LA

That line between innocence and ignorance faded

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